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Ilta Games is a Finnish video game company, which is currently developing an amazing game called Shifter! I’m working on this alone by myself 🙂

About us (me).

What is Shifter?

A game currently in development. It’s a roguelite and a soulslike game where you can shift gravity.  Developed by Ilta Games!

Shifter is set in a world, where everyone has a microchip attached to their brain, allowing brains to be hacked, even during sleep….

Shifter is a rogue-lite game with a gravity-shifting mechanic! It has many different main areas, and the game contains unique boss fights in each area! You can use different weapons such as swords, scythes, and shotguns to escape your dream, which has been hacked and turned into a twisted game by a hacker.

When is Shifter coming out? When it’s ready.

What is Shifter?

Shifter is a rogue-lite with a gravity-shifting mechanic. There are many different areas, each with unique boss fights. Use various weapons like swords, scythes, and shotguns to escape your hacked dream, which has now turned into a vile game. Each time you play, the game unfolds differently, as the randomly generated environment provides a different gaming experience every time.

Things you can do:

Change gravity

Throwing hook

Fight in interesting ways

Use cool weapons

Update your characters attributes

Different weapons

You can use lots of different and cool weapons from melee weapons to guns!

Unique Bosses

You’re going to experience different areas, each of which has different boss battles. In every boss fight, you have to somehow take advantage of the gravity-shifting mechanic of the game. Look at this example of a boss fight below:

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